Sustainable Living

 Sustainable Living… what does that mean?

The terms ‘sustainability’ or ‘sustainable living’ can be very subjective depending on individuals beliefs or definitions. 

For me, sustainable living represents a desire to leave a lighter footprint on the Earth via everyday actions.

But most importantly, by starting where you are.

There are many people living more sustainably than me, but I’ve had to take baby steps to get where I am, from where I started.

I’m constantly striving to do better, as I know how to, or are able to.

Having grown up in a westernised society that relies upon packaged convenience, it’s been a continual journey since my early 20’s to turn my conditioning around and find different ways.

This is a lifetime commitment of evolution.

Leaving a lighter footprint on the Earth

 I have been on a personal mission to find simple, effective and convenient solutions, that are within my control, for how to live more sustainably on the Earth for over 20 years.

I have discovered 2 main solutions that help me achieve my goals. 

But, before sharing them, I think its important to ask… 

What’s really important in life?

I believe it to be Health.

Health First. Because what do we truly have if we don’t have our health?

This is the same for the Earth, which is why I like to focus on Holistic Health, where human and environmental health is taken into consideration.

I’ve found, focusing on Holistic Health has the systemic affect of helping improve the health of all living beings.



I’ve been able to refine my ultimate sustainable living solutions down to 2 core areas:

Focusing on Waste Reduction to live a Low Waste Lifestyle.


Producing my own products and ingredients to live as Self Sufficiently as possible. 




  1. Find solutions that aim to improve human and environmental health holistically
  2. Test, implement & refine solutions personally
  3. Share knowledge to inspire change
  4. Create solutions to make it easier for others to live more sustainably


Learn with me – In Person or Online

Ready to start your journey of living a healthier, more environmentally friendly lifestyle from someone who’s further down the rabbit hole than you?  I’d love you to join me for an Earth Girl Education Session.