Self Sufficient Living

I identified self sufficient living as a solution for leaving a lighter footprint on the Earth in the very early days.

There’s something so romantic about living off the land, making goods from scratch and living in a manner connected with nature.

But how, and where to start, when you’ve not grown up that way, and have only known packaged convenience? 

The answer is baby steps.

I’ve been on a Do it Yourself (DIY) journey for many years and have learnt a lot along the way.

I’ve now invested in various studies to become a formulator, ensuring professional knowledge and understanding.

I like to find the simplest, most effective, natural recipes, that work.

This is a lifelong love affair of evolution, experimentation, refinement and learning.


learn from me

I'd love to teach you how

Ready to start living your own healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle?

Want to save yourself a heap of time, energy and money by learning from someone who's further down the rabbit hole than you?

Great! Because I'd love to share all my knowledge and wisdom with you, either in-person or online.

I've designed the Earth Girl Education Series to teach people aspects of the Earth Girl Lifestyle in manageable, easy to take in chunks of information. Each topic is a building block that often interlink with other topics.

I'm teaching each topic in person to start and will then put the information online for all to enjoy.

The information and topics will continue to evolve over time as this is my life's work. Content will be updated as required so we can enjoy progressing together.

The goal is to build a lifestyle that future generations can be proud of, that's based on connection with nature and improving health.

Earth Girl Education Series

In-Person Events and Online Courses

If you live in Perth, Western Australia, I'd love you to join me for an in-person presentation or workshop, either at my Alchemy Studio in Wundowie or in the beautiful Perth Hills of Mundaring.

Workshops at my Alchemy Studio can be organised for groups of 5 people by contacting me direct at

Workshops and Presentations held at Cafe Mojo Mundaring are pre-arranged and will be advertised via my email newsletter (sign up below) and social media accounts.

I'll be teaching each topic in person, until such time as I create the online course, and will then move on to teaching the next topic.

Topics currently being taught can be found below.