Low Waste Living

Waste Reduction is one of my top solutions for living more sustainably on the Earth.

It’s a solution completely within my control.

By making a few easy lifestyle adjustments, I’m able to significantly reduce how much I put into my kerbside rubbish and recycling bins.

Avoiding single use packaging helps me to improve my health, and the environments.

Modern day packaged convenience isn’t always the most convenient option long term. 

I dream of a circular economy that doesn’t cost the Earth.

Low waste living makes me feel proud to be part of a solution that future generations can be proud of. 

What is Low Waste Living?

What is Low Waste Living?

See these bins? My whole life revolves around putting as little as possible into them. Yep, including the recycling bin. This is known as a Low Waste Lifestyle and is based on eliminating single use packaging as much as possible. Why? Because there is no such thing as...

Waste Goals

Avoid single use packaging where possible

Manage waste efficiently that can’t be avoided

Why Waste?

What’s the problem with waste and why is avoiding it a solution to living more sustainably on the Earth?

Do you want a landfill in your backyard?

Do you want a landfill in your backyard?

Where I live (in Perth, Western Australia) we have an extremely convenient waste removal system for household rubbish. This consists of putting waste in a large wheely bin, which is put on the kerbside for collection on a weekly basis. The contents of the bin are...


So how can waste be avoided in daily life?

Low Waste Toileting

Low Waste Toileting

INTRODUCTION Swapping disposable toilet paper for washable wipes and a bum gun isn’t something that happened straight away. In fact, it took me years to implement them into my life after the idea was seeded. Using washable wipes isn’t something new. Plenty of low...


It’s not always possible to avoid waste, so it’s essential to know how to manage waste properly.


Getting prepped for Low Waste Living Success