Healthy Living

Health… I don’t think there’s anything more important. Truly, what do we have if we don’t have our health?

The same is true for the Earth.

Our daily actions have a direct affect, not only on our bodies, but also on the planet we’re lucky to call home, and the beings living on her.

Living in a manner that continually strives to do better for the health of the planet, my body, my surroundings, and other living beings is something always at the forefront of my mind.


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HEALTH solutions

Thankfully, there are many ways to improve health. I like solutions that help me to connect with my body and teach me skills to heal myself.

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Medical Medium

Medical Medium

When it comes to physical health, Medical Medium is my go-to source for information on the root cause and solutions for healing. I first discovered Anthony William's Medical Medium information in August 2019, after googling for another health topic and reading one of...


With so much information out there, how do we know what to listen to and what not? I wanted to develop a tool where I can tune into my own body to get the answers and be self sufficient in healing solutions. 

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As with many things, there are numerous paths that can be taken to get you to where you want to go. I’ve personally observed this to be the case with health and healing. There is no one size fits all, and many pathways can lead to the same outcome.

My path and journey will be different to anyone else’s, and others could get the same results via different avenues. I love that about life! I’m not sure we can really get it wrong and I’m extremely grateful there are so many different avenues we can take when seeking to improve health.

Following are some of the paths I have walked on my own health and healing journey.

Food Addictions

Food Addictions

At the time of writing this, I have food addictions. I'm 42 and can't remember a time that I didn't have food addictions. It's a cycle I'd like to break, as I'd like to be in alignment with my health and waste beliefs and values. So, I'm in self enquiry on this topic...

Self Care

Self Care

For me, there is nothing more important than my own self care. The better I feel, the more I can give and be of service to others.  Being a lightworker*, I’ve discovered that one of the most critical aspects of caring for myself is to look after my vibration. I...

Introduction to my Health Journey

Introduction to my Health Journey

I've had an interest in 'health' all of my adult life. I've constantly been looking, researching and observing different definitions of health. I've watched fad diets come and go, I've listened to many people's opinions on the topic and I've studied different books,...


Take steps towards improving health as able to do so

Perform regular cleanses for balance & maintenance

Develop an assessment tool to communicate with the body to decode problem & solution