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At the time of writing this, I have food addictions. I’m 42 and can’t remember a time that I didn’t have food addictions. It’s a cycle I’d like to break, as I’d like to be in alignment with my health and waste beliefs and values.

So, I’m in self enquiry on this topic and analysing what, why, and how to heal.

In general, I have a pretty good diet, I suspect better than the majority of western society’s population. For many years I’ve made food from scratch and haven’t bought packaged foods.

But lately, it has seemed I’ve been on a path of self abuse via food and I want it to stop.

Relying on will power is not an option for me. I want what I want and I don’t feel guilt when I binge.

Healing is my path forward – to identify the root cause, heal it, and in turn, eliminate the self destructive cycle, so it’s not even a thing anymore. Effectively, I want to clear the why, not the what.

Upon reflection, my food addictions sit in a few different categories.

My main food addiction has revolved around chocolate and sweet things. I simply can’t have cakes, lollies, chocolates and biscuits in the house because I have no self control and will easily eat the whole lot in one sitting. I’ve never really seen it as a problem, as I find it easy to not buy these things. However, it’s become an issue I’d like to resolve, as Brett doesn’t have the same issue and would like to have some treats on hand for times he feels like something sweet. A good solution for this is to make our own treats – but I still need to be trusted not to eat them all before Brett even gets a look in. Rather than rely on restriction, I prefer to address the issue that has led to not having self control, heal it and be able to have a healthy relationship with foods that are designed to be a treat.

Next, there are times when I’m having an emotional response and rather than look at it, I avoid via the use of food or alcohol. Essentially I self medicate, but this is a much messier approach than just dealing with the original trigger and clearing it out. It leads to building layers, rather than stripping layers. After doing a mental health course late last year and realising I have this pattern, I committed to eliminating alcohol for the whole of 2023 (and hopefully much longer) to strip away that vice. It’s not that I’ve ever been a big drinker, but I’ve definitely used it as a numbing tool when I’m mentally not coping well. I would like to start looking at the emotions and clearing them instead of self medicating.

I currently have a self sabotage relationship with coffee. For a long time I didn’t have clarity on coffee and if I believed it to be good or bad – there is so much information floating around in both camps. But then I hit the jackpot of information and an explanation that helped me create the belief that I’d like to eliminate coffee, and in fact caffeine, from my diet. But, since I’ve made that decision its like I choose coffee because it feels ‘naughty’ to do so, and for some reason that drive is more appealing to me than stopping the habit. Logically that doesn’t make sense to me. I have many delicious drinks at home that I can use as a coffee alternative, which I really love the taste of. So, I want to know what the underlying reason is that makes me choose something that’s out of alignment with my belief.

My favourite tools for identifying and clearing the root cause of issues I’m facing is using the Emotion Code and Body Code methods. I first listened to Dr Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code book on audible in August 2022 and instantly loved it as a DIY (do it yourself) healing tool. I started clearing trapped emotions for myself, my animals and loved ones regularly and eventually got overwhelmed with how much baggage I had accumulated this lifetime (and others) and needed a break. In February 2023 Dr Nelson released his Body Code book and it’s now my healing tool of choice. Although I get great results using the Emotion Code, the Body Code is so much more powerful, as emotions are just one small aspect that’s covered among many more categories.

One of my favourite aspects of the Emotion and Body Code healing techniques is that you use muscle testing to communicate with your own body to uncover the root cause. I personally find this more effective than using an external healer as often the information can get tainted via their personal filters, beliefs or unhealed stuff.

In summary, I’ve written this blog post in order to help achieve clarity and document some of the issues I’m working on and the solutions I’ll be using to heal. Knowing what to do and actually doing it can be two different things. Actual healing happens when you take the time to prioritise doing the self work, which in itself can have blocks to overcome.

I’m going to do a Body Code session on Food Addictions now, to get the ball rolling. It may be something I can heal quickly, or it may take many sessions to dissolve the layers. The results will be measurable by the success achieved:

  • when we can have treats in the house without me feeling the need to demolish the whole lot in one sitting.
  • when I’m able to identify that I’m looking at food to self medicate instead of looking at the root cause and healing that instead.
  • when I get up in the morning and choose a deliciously nutritious drink option over coffee, but am still able to have it in the house for when others choose that option.

Now that I have a documented starting point, I shall return to let you know how I go and what the journey entailed.

To be continued….

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