Do it yourself

I love to learn new skills and abilities. 

Making things myself feels like one of life’s greatest learning tools.

It helps me to piece together how everything is inter-connected.

I like to know what ingredients I’m putting into and onto my body, and using in my surrounding environment.

I like to use products that are as natural as possible, as I know nature has synergies perfectly suited for our bodies, something that laboratories simply can’t produce.

I like to find the simplest, most effective recipes, that work.

I’ve been on the Do it Yourself (DIY) journey for many years and have learnt a lot along the way.

This is a lifelong love affair of evolution, experimentation, refinement and learning.

learn from me

I'd love to teach you how

Ready to start living your own healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle?

Want to save yourself a heap of time, energy and money by learning from someone who’s further down the rabbit hole than you?

Are you ready to become part of the solution instead of contributing to the problem?

Great! Because I’d love to share all my knowledge and wisdom with you, and support you on your own personal journey.

I’ve designed the Earth Girl Alchemy Do it Yourself Presentation Series to teach people aspects of the Earth Girl DIY Lifestyle in manageable, easy to take in chunks of information. Each topic is a building block of skill development that often interlink with other topics.

I’m teaching each topic in person to start (at a venue in Mundaring, Western Australia) and will also put the information online for all to enjoy.

The information and topics will continue to evolve over time as this is my life’s work. Content will be updated as needed so we can enjoy progressing together.

The goal is to build a lifestyle that future generations can be proud of, that’s based on connection with nature and improving health.